My Baby Brother Comes Home”, is a great read to your toddler, and a must have in your arsenal to help them cope with a new sibling. Buy a copy today!!

Welcoming a new sibling is a big deal for your toddler(s). Feelings of jealousy and resistance are at its peak. After all, they had you all to them self for at least 9 months. Help your toddler to get a little understanding how having a new sibling doesn’t change how special he or she is.


Meet Thomas, a toddler who takes you through a very important day in his life and all the people around him that help to make this transition smooth. His mom and his new baby brother comes home from the hospital, Thomas can’t wait to meet Theo and see nurse Ella.

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About Author

Alicia MooPow-Brammer is a first time Author and a mother of two who lives in Los Angeles, California. As a Newborn Care Specialist, Alicia has dedicated her career to helping, educating, and assisting in childhood development. Alicia’s compassion and dedication to newborns and their families leaves a lifelong impact of love and knowledge behind.


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